VPN 1 Year

VPN 1 Year


VPN For VoIP ( Whatsapp , Massenger … )



If you want to chat with your family back in your Homeland ,

this service for you ..


At just 45$ yearly you can now chat voice 📞 or video call 🎥 in all social apps ..

All apps supported ( Whatsapp , Telegram , Snapchat , Facebook messenger , …. etc )

No matter what devices you have ( iOS/ Android) This service can work on one device ,

if you want 3 devices you will pay for 2 only 😉

Notes :

– support all the year

– you can format or change your device without any problem .

– This is a VPN service, It will NOT harm your device .



How to add to you Phone :

    How to add VPN to your iDevices

 How to add VPN to Android


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